If you are here it means that you are one of the special people that truly care for and take responsibility for your pets.While we all wish we could give in to those beseeching looks when we eat a slice of cake or pizza it is a fact that a lot of what we eat is not good for dogs at all!


Pet Chef believes that our pooches deserve the best snacks we can give them – snacks that are healthy, safe, freshly made and have not been sitting on a shelf for months. It was a natural progression, from loving our dogs enough to cook for them to wanting to offer every canine buddy of theirs the same healthy options.So now Pet Chef makes all natural, baked dog treats, cakes and special food.




We believe in putting our money where our mouths are – and every single treat from Pet Chef is quite delicious and healthy even for you! Specially for those of you who are on a diet or reduced salt or sugar and oil free diet. May we recommend the Flax Sesame with a herb and cream dip, or perhaps the Chicken herb with paté. Oven baked to preserve flavour and nutrition all the treats are handmade from scratch and packed with a large serving of care. Most importantly of all... we consider each of our doggy clients an individual just like their humans with very specific likes and dislikes and we are committed to finding the perfect treat for every single one of them.

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